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I have been an artist my entire adult life, and have been drawing ever since I was a toddler. My career spans over 25 years of graphic design, 30 years in fine arts and 20 years street painting. When it comes to street painting, I like to draw the things that you  wouldn’t  expect, to get you intrigued, involved, both mentally and emotionally.

Art is an “Exploration” of concepts, ideas, dreams, statements, beliefs and values, coupled with the exploration of mediums; pencil, watercolors, oils, street painting, etc. I never really know where it’s going to take me, and most times that journey is interesting to say the least.  Street painting, for me, is the ultimate in art exploration and expression. Nowhere else have I found the opportunity to create my art if front of you, and while I do, express both visually and verbally what I am doing, and how I do it.


Ever been chased by a Tyrannosaur? How about jumping off a cliff holding onto the string of a big kite, or maybe ducking as a Navy jet roars right over the top of you? I make that happen, well, not reality, but artistically. I bring fantasies alive, sometimes with a touch of humor. The overwhelming gratitude of a 93 year old WWII Fighter pilot standing next to a portrait of the P-47D he flew, and the throngs of people shaking his hand, thanking him for his service, is an experience I’ll, they will never forget and I was so deeply honored to create for him and the festival attendees.


There isn’t much that’s more enjoyable than to see a viewer laughing at the image they just had taken of themselves getting chased by a Tyrannosaur. Getting the viewers involved and making them smile is what I strive for no matter what the subject is about.


If you are looking for a unique element for your next event, please feel free to contact me, let’s see what we can come up with that will make it unforgettable.